Open Source OS for Cities

SmartUNO is our framework for anyone to develop government solutions, use it as your City Operating System to self-tailor your digitization strategy, having continuous access to new and better solutions

Current solutions

City Listener


Use AI to understand your citizen needs, by detecting trends, labels, sentiment, entities, objects, logos, faces and more


Increased situational awareness with labels and imagery for the betterment of public spaces, neighborhoods and service delivery


Real-time notifications with ISO-compliant data to optimize city operations and be able to timely resolve


Open dialogue and open data to foster a digital ecosystem of trust and cooperation

Trust & Transparency


Publish open data in easy geospatial formats


Make transparency more visual using Google Maps


Enable citizens to identify opportunities to collaborate


Let your citizens spread your progress and challenges

Open Urbanism


Invite your citizens to participate and understand how your city is growing


Co-design your urbanization in a social, friendly, digital environment


Use AI to identify elements and needs to better plan your urban sprawl


Allow citizens to see their suggestions on intersections, sidewalks, streets and parks

Essential Features

Information Discovery

Set out to collect as much data as possible to have everything you need to make better decisions in one place

Built-in Analytics

Accelerate your city's use of data to assess government's effectiveness with more clearly, data-driven reporting

Location Intelligence

Analyze rich layers of information to instantly visualize spatial patterns and relationships with different cartographic techniques

Artificial Intelligence

Language Processing

Assess public sentiment and parse intent from conversations, classify documents automatically and discover historical trends

Image & Video Recognition

Deepen on the expanding content of photos and videos to understand content, classify images, detect objects, texts, faces, greenery and more

Machine Learning

Improve your platform automatically as new data is introduced; anticipate needs, prioritize credible citizens and ignore spammers

Operational Excellence

Network Building

Build social influencers and stakeholders maps to easily connect champions and opponents and facilitate coalitions

Response Coordination

Increase government effectiveness with a full suite of task management; reduce duplicated effort, anticipate and respond more effectively

Bottlenecks & High-performers

Drive operational excellence by knowing who's most effective at resolving and finding tips to allocate tasks more evenly

Worldclass Infrastructure

Instant Deploy & Onboarding

Deploy in minutes and be ready to go from zero to city-scale in an easy to access, anytime, anywhere, any device platform

Safe & Trustworthy

Enjoy exceptional security and performance on one of the most healthy and reliable cloud data centers in the world


The first and most affordable version of SmartUNO serving over 900,000 habitants. It has increased citizen participation over 23 times, and speeded up response from 2 weeks average to immediate attention even when out of office

The most complete version out there of SmartUNO using direct citizen reporting and transparency modules. It's the first time that 3 very different government agencies end up working together on a daily basis