We’re entering a digital revolution that has transformed industries in unforeseeable ways, and more is yet to come with the internet-enabled

Why us

Partnered to Scale

We're World Economic Forum New Champions, meaning top-notch in our committment to improving the state of the world by shaping the future of business and society. This network leverages multiple possibilities to connect that keep us at the state of the art. Additionally we are very active in the OpenData movements in Latin America, positioning ourselves in a unique perspective to learn and connect with the best on the region.
So, you can count on us to find an answer to your top challenges.

Certified & Awarded

According to Google's Chairman Eric Schmidt we've developed one of the top technological platforms addressing society's most pressing problems. According to the OAS we're among the top experts and leaders in addressing the Open Government challenges. According to The Govlab we're a certified startup working in innovative governance models. According to Google, we're a certified technology partner for our quality engineered solutions.
So, yes we know well our field and we're here to help you.

Consulting services

Let us help you to take advantage on the connected citizens. They have an unprescedented opportunity to be interconnected, they're an expanding source of digital knowledge that along with official data sources are becoming the key ingredient for intelligent city innovation

Let us push you to be smarter, more invested in technology to leverage the unprescedented opportunity to become more influential, to explore data potential to improve governance and urbanism models. Digital information is the new currency for government

Let us fantasize together about the abundant future, about fiction becoming reality in the coming years. We're roboticists and researchers at our core and we've visited the future several times, let us share how it is and lets shape it together. Heard about blockchain? We're the people you're looking for

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