Sustainability & Exponential Technology

We use these technologies to build tools for people

Consulting services

Smarter Citizens

Let us help you to take advantage on the interconnected citizens, and the unprecedented opportunity to use the digital knowledge that along with official data sources are becoming the key ingredient for intelligent city innovation

Smarter Cities

Let us push you to be smarter, more invested in technology to leverage the unprecedented opportunity to become more influential, to explore data potential to improve governance and urbanism models. Digital information is the new currency for government.

Smarter State

Let us fantasize together about the abundant future, about fiction becoming reality in the coming years. We're roboticists and researchers at our core and we've visited the future several times, let us share how it is and lets shape it together. Heard about blockchain? Exponential technology? We're the people you're looking for.

Software development

Embrace the mobile mind shift

Let us build your mobile savvy cloud based tool using the cheapest, scalable and maintenance-free cloud services

Data Analytics

Accelerate your organization's use of data to assess effectiveness with clear visualizations and data-driven reporting; no specialists required

Location intelligence

Leverage our symphony of multiple data sources living along with your diverse data streams to suit a smarter decision-making

Information Discovery

Set out to collect as much data as possible to have everything you need to make better decisions in one place

Language Processing

Assess public sentiment and parse intent from conversations, classify documents automatically and discover historical trends

Image & Video Recognition

Deepen on the expanding content of photos and videos to understand content, classify images, detect objects, texts, faces and more


Quickly fabricate your scalable application, branded, with beautiful material design, AI demos, and all the basics to drive your operational excellence and grow your own userbase

A ready-to-ingest cloud tool to analyze your location data. The paramount to intelligent cities innovation, planning and development

A Govlab's winning project, it is an open urbanism approach for a more participative city planning and development

A neighbor-centered digest of multiple data sources to easily compare living standards

A cloud tool for urban risk assesment and its geospatial correlation with poverty indicators

The cloud tool for Mexico's glocal movement of children driving change in their own communities, over 60,000 registered users

A cloud tool for educating and closing the gender-gap in the use of technology